Sunday, December 27, 2009

"He is the One" Sidney Crosby one shot

"Isabelle, you can not be serious" MaryAnn Windsor said, "He is just a hockey player and there are such better bachelors matches in our social set that you could date".
"I love him, mother. He is good to me and that is all that matters" Isabelle said in a huff and started to walk away.
"Don't you dare walk away while I am still talking to you" MaryAnn said sounding furious.
"You can't tell me what to do anymore because I am grown up now and want to be with Sidney".
"Are you pregnant, Isabelle? Because if Sidney is the father we can take care of it you know".
"Why would it matter if I was pregnant or not? I am not pregnant and how dare you say we can take care of it. I would never abort my baby especially if it was Sidney's child. Sidney and I are going to be together and that is final!" Isabelle said in a huff as she ran off and left the house. She jumped into her car and headed off to go and find Sidney.

Meanwhile at Mellon Arena the Pittsburgh Penguins were ending practice and the guys were heading to their cars.

As Sidney was heading to his car he heard his cell phone start ringing and he opened it and saw Isabelle's number show up.

"Hey sweetheart how are you?" Sidney asked smiling to himself.
"Sidney where are you?" Isabelle said sounding very upset.
"Sweetheart are you ok? I am getting in my car and heading to my place. Meet me there. And darling be careful driving since you are upset".
"I will meet you there".
"Hey Belle, I love you" Sidney said as he started his car and headed home.
"I love you too Sid" Isabelle said starting to feel a little bit better knowing that she would be in Sidney's arms soon.

Sidney got to his place and saw Isabelle sitting on the stairs. He ran over to her and pulled her into his arms. Sidney kissed her on the forehead and then took her hand and they walked together into his condo.

Sidney took Isabelle to the couch and they sat down together with Sidney pulling Isabelle into his arms.

What's the matter sweetheart?" Sidney said holding her as she snuggled into his strong chest.
"My mother does not want me to be with you because you are not of our social set. I don't care what she says because I love you and want to be with only you" Isabelle said moving slightly to look into Sidney's eyes.
Sidney looked at Isabelle and smiled, "I am glad to hear that you want to be with me because I don't see my life without you in it either. You are the only woman that I have trusted in forever and I love you sweetheart with all my heart" Sidney said and then leaning in for a kiss that Isabelle happily accepted.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"I Love You" Kris Letang One shot

He loved her with all his heart and was determined to make sure she knew. He had been very busy and decided since he had tonight free he would make it up to her.

He knew that she had gone out with some friends shopping and he had just enough time to set up the perfect romantic dinner table for two. He got the food set up and the candles lit and now it was just time to wait for her to come home.

He went and showered and put on his favorite jeans, an Ed Hardy shirt, and flip flops. He knew she liked it when he did not wear a hat so no hat for tonight, just for her.

As he was finishing getting dressed he heard her call to him.

"Hey Kris, where are you? And what's up with my favorite food and candles?" asked Mia looking at Kris suspiciously.

"Hey beautiful" Kris said pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply on the lips.

"Wow, you must have done something really bad if you are trying to kiss up to me" Mia said giving Kris a confused look.

"I did not do anything wrong, I swear, sweetheart. I know I have been extremely busy and we have not have time together so I just wanted to spend some quality time with you. I love you" Kris said still holding Mia but looking into her eyes.

"True you have been in your own little world lately. This is so sweet" Mia said smiling and giving Kris a quick kiss on the lips.

Then Kris took Mia's hand and lead her over to the table and they sat together and ate.

After dinner, Kris told Mia to go and relax and choose a movie they could watch together and he would clean up and join her shortly.

After a few minutes Kris joined Mia and the couch and they watched a movie and Mia ended up falling asleep. Kris moved and picked up Mia and took her to bed. When he laid her down on the bed and whispered in Mia's ear, "I love you sweetheart. Sweet dreams".
Mia moved slightly into Kris's arms and said, "I love you too".