Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Star for Christmas---A Brad Richards One shot for MG

Brad and Ronnie had both been extremely busy because of jobs and of course the Christmas season. Brad was playing extremely well this hockey season and loved being in Dallas. The Stars were a great team to play for in the NHL. Ronnie was busy helping her dad, Joe Nieuwendyk, getting behind the scenes work done for the Stars. But the couple had planned on have a couple days to themselves to just enjoy being with each other.

Ronnie was planning a super special Christmas Eve evening with Brad. She had some exciting news for him too.

The next few days were crazy at Brad's condo because every time Brad would think he and Ronnie had a few minutes alone she would say either she had a meeting or Christmas shopping or meeting her girlfriends for some activity. Brad was starting to wonder if this exciting news was something along the lines of them breaking up but he never felt that vibe when they were snuggled together at night asleep.

Christmas Eve morning Brad woke up to hear Ronnie in the bathroom. She had water running so that Brad would not hear her throwing up. Ronnie cleaned up her face and hope that letting the water run Brad would not find out her secret until she was ready that night. Ronnie had planned on giving Brad the first picture of their unborn child as a special Christmas present. She could not wait to see his face when he would find out he was going to be a dad in the new year.

Brad got out of bed and went to the bathroom and turned the knob and walked in to see Ronnie smiling and washing her hands.

"Good morning Brad" Ronnie said and leaned up to give him a quick kiss.
"Morning darling" Brad said smiling back, "You ok? You were in here a while?" he asked.
"I am perfect because you are right here next to me" Ronnie giggled which made Brad laugh too.
"Good to know because we have today together and I do not what anything bad to happen while we enjoy Christmas Eve" Brad said taking Ronnie's hand and walking her back to the bed to sit and pull Ronnie on his lap.
"So we have today all to ourselves what are we going to do?" Ronnie asked smiling as she played with Brad's hair.
"I was just hoping to be lazy with you here at the house" Brad said leaning back on the bed and taking Ronnie with him.
"Works for me" she joked as they kissed.

Brad and Ronnie spent the day curled up in each other's arms watching movies until it was time to make dinner. They work well as a team fixing the food. Brad set up some candles and the nice china for their dinner. Ronnie brought out the food and set it on the table. They enjoyed their meal and talked about the next half of the hockey season and about Christmas memories.

After they cleaned up and got everything put away they walked over to the Christmas tree and sat down and opened presents.

There was one last present under the tree and Ronnie knew what it was and Brad looked at it questioningly.

"What's this" he said pulling out the flat present and then read his name was on it.
"I do not know why don't you open it and find out" Ronnie jokingly suggested.

Brad tore off the Christmas paper and looked at the picture inside of a frame. He looked at Ronnie and then back at the picture, "What's this?"
"What do you think it is?" Ronnie asked back.
"Its a baby and OH MY GOD! Ronnie are you...oh wow..." he stuttered and then kissed Ronnie deeply.
"Merry Christmas Brad, you are going to be a dad" Ronnie smiled at Brad.
"We are having a baby, wonderful. Ronnie I love you so much and this baby is our Christmas miracle" Brad said kissing Ronnie again.
"I love you too Brad and this is our Christmas miracle and we are adding a new member to the Stars family with this baby" she said.
"A new "Star" for Christmas is great for all of us" Brad said holding Ronnie close and smiling.

This Christmas was so special for Brad because he had Ronnie and now they had their new baby to add to their family. Life was wonderful.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Mia sat in front of the fireplace staring at the fire. She heard a babble and looked down at her son. He was laying on his back kicking his little legs in the air and smiling. She thought he was so innocent and had no idea how crazy the world and people could act. A tear fell from her eye and she wiped it away with her hand. He had wanted their son and then after, Luc was born he said he was scared and he left. Mia was confused and mad. How could he do this? He had been thrilled when she told him she was pregnant so why after did he say he was not ready. That was not like Kris at all. Kris never quit or gave up on anything but now he had and his own son. She decided that if that is how he felt then he needed to give up his rights and let her have full custody. Kris had agreed and the next day they would be signing the papers. Finally Mia got Luc and herself ready for bed and she went to sleep.

The next day Mia got to the lawyers office with Luc in his stroller and waited in the reception area. Luc was crying so Mia was holding him and trying to get Luc to calm down when Kris walked into the office. He saw Mia and she saw him. Kris walked over to Mia and asked, "Can we talk please?"
"I guess so but Luc is really fussy so it will have to be quick" Mia said sounding frustrated.
Kris could tell that Mia was not happy with him and she had every right. He was an idiot and knew he needed to explain his actions. Kris went over to the receptionist and ask if there was a room they could use to talk. She showed them into a room and shut the door.

"Mia, I know you are mad and I understand but...." Kris started but Mia interrupted.
"Kris I am not mad just confused that you would be excited about us having Luc and then as soon as he is born bolt from our lives. That is not like you so why did you do that? I need to know and then we will be out of your lives completely" Mia asked as she held a finally quiet Luc in her arms.
"I....I...uh..." Kris stuttered and then continued, "I did not think I would be a good dad. And its not because I don't love you Mia because I still do and I love Luc. My biological dad left my mom so my role models are the greatest so what if I am a horrible dad? I do not want to put you and Luc through that. Do you see where I am coming from now?" Kris said biting his lip.
"You still love me and Luc?" Mia asked looking surprised.
"More than my own life, Mia".
"I see what you are saying Kris but just because of what happened to your dad does not mean you will be the same as him. I know you and you are an amazing person who cares about his family and friends. You are a good guy and my family and friends think I am a lucky girl to have you in my life so let's try and work things out because I want our son to have his father and mother together" Mia said walking over to where Kris was standing.
Kris leaned down and kissed Mia deeply and they heard Luc babble and they broke apart and both of them laughed.
"I think he is happy that we worked this out" Mia said smiling at her baby boy.
"I agree. Let's get out of here and go home" Kris suggested.
They left the office and told the lawyers to shred the papers because everything was worked out and no one would be giving up any rights that day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cute Saying!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Penguins are the only animals that can stay with the same partner for their entire lives... Will you be my penguin?! ♥

Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Sunday, May 9, 2010


The party was in full swing and there were lots of people having fun. Unknowingly someone bumped into a lamp which fell and broke and started a fire. The fire was small and then all of a sudden it grew rapidly throughout the apartment.

Mia smelled smoke and was trying to figure out what was going on when all of a sudden Kris came running towards her and he grabbed her hand.

"Come on Mia, the fire is getting bad" Kris yelled as they ran out of the apartment.

Everyone was standing outside as the building went up in flames. Kris held Mia close as Mia just stared hard at the blaze. The only thing that going through her mind was how lucky they were to get out.

The firemen were working hard to get the fire under control while the police were talking to the owners of the apartment to find out what had happened.

Everyone was checked out by the paramedics to make sure they were ok. Everyone seemed fine so that was a relief.

After Kris and Mia were checked out they went and sat on the curb.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" Kris asked as he put his arm around Mia's shoulders because she was shaking.
"Yes and no. That was just so scary and all sorts of horrible things are going through my mind" Mia said trembling and thinking of the real reason she was scared of what had happened.
"You are safe and I will always protect you because I love you Mia" Kris said and then leaned down to kiss Mia.
"You are always saving me but I love you for it, Kris" Mia said smiling.

That evening Kris and Mia were sitting in bed watching a movie. Mia was not really concentrating on the movie because her mind was back to the fire and the secret she was keeping from Kris and realize that she had to tell him now.

"Yeah Mia" Kris said moving so he could look at Mia.
"I have something that I need to tell you. And being in that fire just made me realized how precious life is to all of us. So here goes, Kris," Mia finally confessed and then looked at Kris with a worried expression.
Kris looked at Mia as his eyes went wide in shock, "Pregnant? You are pregnant" and then he smiled and then kissed her deeply.
"Your happy about the baby?" Mia asked surprised.
"I am happy Mia because its our baby and we created it because we love each other".
"I was not sure but praying you would be happy because when I found out I was thrilled".
"How far along are you?"
"I am almost 2 months" Mia said smiling as Kris put his hand on her abdomen.
"Mia, I know why you seem overly shaken at the fire now and its understandable" Kris said kissing Mia again.
"Yeah I just had thoughts that what happened if I had not gotten out and then you would have lost me and our baby but you saved me and we are all safe now".
"Yes we are all safe and we will be a happy family with more adventures" Kris joked and Mia laughed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wings to your Center

A Brandon Sutter one shot

He knew that he would make the NHL at some point in his life. After all he was part of a legendary hockey family but he wanted to be known for his talent not his name. He worked hard in the minors and finally he was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes. He could not believe it but he did it. His parents were proud and especially his dad who was a NHL coach. Life was good now so he had to call her so he pulled out his cell phone and called. Her phone rang once, twice and then she answered.

"Hello" Ashley answered surprised that he called her.
"Hey Ash, guess what?" Brandon said excitedly.
"I was just drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes today!"
"Wow congratulations Brandon. That's amazing and wonderful. I am so happy for you".
"I wanted to call you first" Brandon said hoping that she would realize she meant everything to him.
Ashley could not believe he called her first, "I was the first you called?"
"Yeah Ash, why are you surprised? I love you and I know I have been super busy because of the draft but you are always on my mind."
"Yeah I wasn't sure and you love me?" Ashley said surprised.
"I do and I hope that you feel the same way" Brandon said with doubt in his voice.
"I love you too" Ashley said excitedly.
"Cool, listen I am coming home in a couple of days and we can hang out."
"I can't wait to see you, Brandon."

A few days later, Brandon and Ashley were hanging out at his house. His parents were having a huge family party because Brandon was now a Carolina Hurricane. Everyone was wanting to talk with Brandon and he had a little bit of time alone with Ashley but now they were sitting outside with their feet in the pool enjoying the sunset.

"This is nice" Brandon said holding Ashley's hand.
"Its perfect" Ashley said putting her head on Brandon's shoulder.
"So I hope that you are still going with me when I head to North Carolina for training camp because I am not leaving Canada without you, Ashley?"
Then Brandon pulled out a small velvet box and Ashley's eyes widened as he opened the box.
"Ash, be my right winger to my center forever?" Brandon proposed.
"How can I argue with that totally cool hockey proposal? So yes I will be your right winger to your center" Ashley said as he slid the ring onto her finger.

Brandon kissed Ashley and they both knew this was just the beginning of many adventures in their lives.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it Snow

Warning Adult Themes

Mia was sitting on the sofa with Kris in their living room. Kris was watching Sports Center and it was not really keeping Mia attention and so she was looking out the window and noticed that it was snowing. Mia moved to get up and Kris looked up at her.

"Hey where are you going? I was comfy with you in my arms" Kris smiled at Mia.
"I am going to get my camera and take some pictures of the snow coming down outside on the balcony" Mia explained.
"That's cool" Kris said going back to watching the television.

Mia got her camera and her jacket and walked onto the balcony. The cold hit her but it felt good. She picked up her camera and aimed it at some trees with snow on them. Mia was all caught up taking pictures and when Kris came out onto the balcony and called her name she jumped slightly.

"Mia, you've been out here a long time, aren't you getting cold?" Kris said coming up behind Mia and putting his arms around her waist.
"Oh gosh you surprised me and yeah it is getting a little cold. But now that you are holding me, its warmer" Mia giggled which made Kris smirk.
"I have better ways to keep you warm and I think we should go and try them now" Kris suggested seductively into Mia's ear which made Mia shake her head.
"You think that is gonna work on me, Mr. Letang" Mia joked.
"Yeah" Kris laughed and then leaned down to kiss Mia and then they went inside and headed to the bedroom where Kris proceeded to show Mia how much he loved her.

After they made love, Mia leaned up on Kris's chest and looked down at him.

"That was your way of warming me up from the cold" Mia joked.
"Yes it was and I hope it rocked your world too" Kris laughed.
"It did Kris because I felt the world shift on its axis" Mia said sarcastically.
"What can I say I am the man".
"Yes you are the man".
"I love you Mia"
"Love you too, Kris"

Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Hockey Quote

"hockey: invented by boys, perfected by girls!"

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mia was getting ready to go with her best friend, Isabelle, to a hockey game. Isabelle had several guy friends who played hockey at Coll├Ęge Antoine-Girouard so that was where they were headed. Mia had been to hockey games with Isabelle in Pittsburgh because Isabelle's family had a suite in Mellon Arena so she knew the game of hockey.

But Isabelle and Mia were in Quebec because Isabelle's parents had business and she had to go along with them so she invited Mia to keep her company.

The girls were in their hotel room getting ready when the phone rang in their room.
Isabelle walked over and answered the phone.

"Boujour" Isabelle said, "Yes mom, we are ready. OK we will see you in the lobby shortly then".
"I guess its time to go" Mia stated as the two girls headed out of their room to find Isabelle's mom in the lobby.


Isabelle's parents had dropped the girls off at the arena and told Isabelle to call when it was time to get them. Then Isabelle and Mia headed inside to see the game.

They had great seats and both girls had fun watching the game. When the game was finished Isabelle and Mia headed towards the locker room to see Isabelle's friends. The guys finally started coming out to the lounge area and they saw Isabelle and walked to her.

"Bonjour Bella, how are you?" one of the guys said as he gave her a hug.
"Bonjour Jon, I am good. How are things with you?" she asked.
"I can't complain at all. Things are great. Who is this?" Jon asked looking at Mia with a grin on his face.
"Oh sorry Jon, this is my best friend, Mia Crosby" Isabelle introduced to Jon.
"Boujour, its nice to meet you" Mia said as she shook Jon's hand.
"Its very nice to meet you too, Mia" Jon said taking her hand up to his lips and kissing it.
"Jon stop flirting with that poor girl" came a voice from behind all of them and Mia turned to see the most beautiful guy she had ever seen in her life. He was tall and had dark brown hair that you felt the need to run your hand through. He stopped when he got to Mia and smiled at her.
"Sorry about Jon. He is a little over the top when meeting beautiful girls. My name is Kris Letang. What's yours?"
Mia just stared for a moment at Kris's eyes and felt like her world had stopped because of this amazing guy. Then she shook her head to register what he had just said, "My name is Mia Crosby and its great to meet you, Kris".
Kris smiled his amazing smile at he realized at that moment that Mia was someone who he was going to get to know better no matter what. She was perfect in his mind.