Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let it Snow

Warning Adult Themes

Mia was sitting on the sofa with Kris in their living room. Kris was watching Sports Center and it was not really keeping Mia attention and so she was looking out the window and noticed that it was snowing. Mia moved to get up and Kris looked up at her.

"Hey where are you going? I was comfy with you in my arms" Kris smiled at Mia.
"I am going to get my camera and take some pictures of the snow coming down outside on the balcony" Mia explained.
"That's cool" Kris said going back to watching the television.

Mia got her camera and her jacket and walked onto the balcony. The cold hit her but it felt good. She picked up her camera and aimed it at some trees with snow on them. Mia was all caught up taking pictures and when Kris came out onto the balcony and called her name she jumped slightly.

"Mia, you've been out here a long time, aren't you getting cold?" Kris said coming up behind Mia and putting his arms around her waist.
"Oh gosh you surprised me and yeah it is getting a little cold. But now that you are holding me, its warmer" Mia giggled which made Kris smirk.
"I have better ways to keep you warm and I think we should go and try them now" Kris suggested seductively into Mia's ear which made Mia shake her head.
"You think that is gonna work on me, Mr. Letang" Mia joked.
"Yeah" Kris laughed and then leaned down to kiss Mia and then they went inside and headed to the bedroom where Kris proceeded to show Mia how much he loved her.

After they made love, Mia leaned up on Kris's chest and looked down at him.

"That was your way of warming me up from the cold" Mia joked.
"Yes it was and I hope it rocked your world too" Kris laughed.
"It did Kris because I felt the world shift on its axis" Mia said sarcastically.
"What can I say I am the man".
"Yes you are the man".
"I love you Mia"
"Love you too, Kris"

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