Saturday, November 6, 2010


Mia sat in front of the fireplace staring at the fire. She heard a babble and looked down at her son. He was laying on his back kicking his little legs in the air and smiling. She thought he was so innocent and had no idea how crazy the world and people could act. A tear fell from her eye and she wiped it away with her hand. He had wanted their son and then after, Luc was born he said he was scared and he left. Mia was confused and mad. How could he do this? He had been thrilled when she told him she was pregnant so why after did he say he was not ready. That was not like Kris at all. Kris never quit or gave up on anything but now he had and his own son. She decided that if that is how he felt then he needed to give up his rights and let her have full custody. Kris had agreed and the next day they would be signing the papers. Finally Mia got Luc and herself ready for bed and she went to sleep.

The next day Mia got to the lawyers office with Luc in his stroller and waited in the reception area. Luc was crying so Mia was holding him and trying to get Luc to calm down when Kris walked into the office. He saw Mia and she saw him. Kris walked over to Mia and asked, "Can we talk please?"
"I guess so but Luc is really fussy so it will have to be quick" Mia said sounding frustrated.
Kris could tell that Mia was not happy with him and she had every right. He was an idiot and knew he needed to explain his actions. Kris went over to the receptionist and ask if there was a room they could use to talk. She showed them into a room and shut the door.

"Mia, I know you are mad and I understand but...." Kris started but Mia interrupted.
"Kris I am not mad just confused that you would be excited about us having Luc and then as soon as he is born bolt from our lives. That is not like you so why did you do that? I need to know and then we will be out of your lives completely" Mia asked as she held a finally quiet Luc in her arms.
"I....I...uh..." Kris stuttered and then continued, "I did not think I would be a good dad. And its not because I don't love you Mia because I still do and I love Luc. My biological dad left my mom so my role models are the greatest so what if I am a horrible dad? I do not want to put you and Luc through that. Do you see where I am coming from now?" Kris said biting his lip.
"You still love me and Luc?" Mia asked looking surprised.
"More than my own life, Mia".
"I see what you are saying Kris but just because of what happened to your dad does not mean you will be the same as him. I know you and you are an amazing person who cares about his family and friends. You are a good guy and my family and friends think I am a lucky girl to have you in my life so let's try and work things out because I want our son to have his father and mother together" Mia said walking over to where Kris was standing.
Kris leaned down and kissed Mia deeply and they heard Luc babble and they broke apart and both of them laughed.
"I think he is happy that we worked this out" Mia said smiling at her baby boy.
"I agree. Let's get out of here and go home" Kris suggested.
They left the office and told the lawyers to shred the papers because everything was worked out and no one would be giving up any rights that day.

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  1. aww that is so cute. I am happy that Mia got Kris to understand that he won't be like his father. Love the one shot. awesome job, girlie!!!